I wore a dress with knee-length leggings under it today, so the children could see my tattoo. one of them asked why I had “a painting” on my leg. when I told him it was for my family, he said “you’re like a walking museum!”

and then I realized a three year old was just more accepting of my tattoo than the middle-aged and older adults that will refuse to hire me because of it. unbelievable.

Anonymous asked:

I love the fact that you are a person who doesn't care who the hell you are, if you're an asshole to me, I'm not taking your shit, if you're a chick or not.

I don’t understand the “if you’re a chick or not” but all in all great question. Well first off I have been taking bullshit since 7th grade from just about everyone at my school so I may have snapped tonight. Not sorry for it. In fact I enjoyed myself immensely. Also since you’re anon and i have no idea who are I’m going to greatfully ask you to go fuck yourself with my corn. Thank you for your question come back anytime.